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August 2nd, 2013, 03:02
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
This is a good place to remark, methinks, that I have in mind developing a CRPG system that anyone can use.

I've been frustrated about the lack of a free RPG system for CRPG development. Both d20 (PnP license now rescinded) and Pathfinder reserved the right for the license for use on computers.
As far as I know it is still possible to freely use the OGL license to use the D&D 3.5 ruleset for computer games. The OGL and d20 licenses are two different licenses (d20 is defunct but OGL is usable forever). More info here on the WotC site:

A key quote there:
Q: So I could make a game?

A: Sure. Remember though, you cannot use any Product Identity with the OGL or claim compatibility with anything. So you can't say your game is a d20 System game or uses D&D rules or call it ņElminster's Undermountain Crawl.î
Knights of the Chalice does this (uses the 3.5 rules, modified, under the OGL license).

That said, I still applaud the idea of creating another system people can freely use!
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