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August 2nd, 2013, 18:07
You see? This is what I was explaining in the comment section of another game:
And for the records: the main reason for this dispute was the controversy about an early release of Chaos Chronicles in March 2013. A release at this time would have led to horrible consequences for the game regarding its quality, content and stability.
Since bitComposer rejected to invest more money into our game, we had to get the money elsewhere. Throwing an unfinished and crappy game on the market was no option for us and that's why we had no other choice than borrowing money from third parties to continue the development and completion of our game. We wanted to release this particular game as it was intended, because otherwise we wouldn't get a second chance to create such a game again.
The financial experts of the publisher simply calculate an investment ?months till developer can make game and ? much money does it cost, but more importantly how much the publisher profits and how much BONUS the various managers get. No one at the publishers is really interested in a good game they don't understand = developer satisfaction, publisher wants massive income to do more businesses that lead to even more massive income in a timeframe set into concrete.

They saw the idiot developer getting hysterical about wanting to polish the game, which the publisher didn't understand why the hell a game must be polished, that's why there are patches, right? The publisher want's to make a lot of money quick and not at all interested in the gamers feedback: "Ooohh, another buggy game!!"
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