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August 2nd, 2013, 20:01
I'm one of the GM's working on Identity - Mob War!, specifically - and I just wanted to put the copyright concerns to rest.

Opifer, the creator of Life on a Limb and the person who started the Identity project, cleared all the copyright issues before hand. We have the support of Hare Brained Schemes and the copyright holder's permission to use as much of the official published material in our UGC's as we'd like. As HBS has said, this is pretty much the point of SRR.

As far as hard coded assets, the community has already made a lot of strides in this area - most assets have been unlocked, it just takes a bit more work than using the editor.

Many things are in the works. The modding community has exploded since the game went live, and there are some amazing projects already in the works both within Identity and in the modding community on a whole.
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