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August 2nd, 2013, 21:01
Agree that DX:HR was awesome. IMO Eidos & Co handled the boss fights issue quite well originally by acknowledging the problem and apologizing.

What's really unusual and interesting to me is the effort here to go back, improve, and add to a great video game. Lots of different times and lots of different games, I've wished that a game I really liked didn't have this or that flaw, that seemed bothersome on multiple playthroughs. But these things don't get fixed because game companies and creators can't make a profit by fixing/improving an existing product.

Compare the outrage at BioWare when fans asked for a fix for the clearly defective ending of Mass Effect 3. For BioWare it was like, how dare any fan tell us, the experts and artists, that we did something less than perfect.

For Eidos its more like, we love this game. We want everyone to love this game. It's worth our time to try to make this perfect even if we can't expect to get a profit from the time we put into this.

I say Kudos to Eidos.

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