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August 2nd, 2013, 23:58
Originally Posted by greywolf00 View Post
bitComposer wanted a meeting. Coreplay claims bitComposer had already indicated they wouldn't sign anything at the meeting so they didn't go. Until they can discuss whatever the issue is, the game is dead in the water.
Why should Bitcomposer commit to sign anything at the meeting? Presumably the idea would have been to thrash out some compromise and then get the lawyers to look it over, before signing. I don't see why Coreplay should be hung up on getting this signature instantly. So far we have no basis to judge between the two stories and work out who is being pigheaded.

Of course it seems clear to everyone doesn't it: It's a "Girl screams, it must be the nasty hunchback's fault" scenario. Devs are good, publishers are evil, ergo it's their fault. Perhaps, but lets see the proof.
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