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August 3rd, 2013, 03:22
After a lot of play, the mission system seems better to me now. No more sending out a scout ship to scout out a planet then just sit there in deep space for years before moving on to some other place. Ships actually have to return to a supply base to get more food/fuel/ammo now. Supply ships can extend that time.

The only new feature that has really gotten under my skin is the feasibility studies. The base concept seems fine - do the study to find out what chance you have of learning that tech. What isn't fine, IMHO, is that that percentage is itself is subject to a die roll. If they tell you there's a 60% chance to learn the technology then your real chance could be 80%, or 20%, or anything else plus or minus 50%! Realistic? Yeah, maybe, but when studies are that wild they start to become pointless.

Luckily, that little factor is conveniently stored in one of the game's XML files. I've changed it to plus or minus 5% for my next game.

The game is ridiculously deep. The weapon's list goes on forever. The different types of propulsion vastly change the game play far more than any of the 'race customization' options I've seen elsewhere. The never-can-catch-them-all, randomized tech tree makes playing even the same race a pretty different experience from game to game.

Unfortunately, it looks like the AI isn't up to the task. I'm on turn 230 and the AI still seems to be using the starting technology for its ships. They sure are spreading like wildfire, though. I wonder if they can destroy my dreadnaught fleet with wave after wave of colony and survey ships?
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