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August 4th, 2013, 23:17
Originally Posted by HiddenX View Post
Bioware develops more and more games that are not for the old fans.

Plus there is a trend in internet forums in general to concentrate on negative things.
The willingness to call on others forum members or even attack them is rising.

Unfortunately I noticed this lately to a small degree here on the Watch, too.

Maybe it is the trend of increased self-presentation (Facebook, Blogs etc.) that increases everybodys Ego and tarnishes the ability to empathize/understand others and decreases the We/Us in forum user groups.

Join the Anti-Flame-Club, it is called NFG (Non-Flamers-Guild) here.
Listen to others, respect others, fight Flaming & Trolls, be as humorous, positive and intelligent as you can be -> Always look on the the bright side of Life!
Increased marketing and increased "push" instead of interaction and therefore increased BS and outright lying. If they didn't pretend to be making awesome old school games that were just as good and anyone who disagreed is a homophobe then they'd not get a bunch of hate.

Developers today really seem to think people owe them positive acceptance of everything they do, but people want more than sex scenes to make a game.

It used to be you could tell a developer was talking about his own opinion. Now it's obvious they are towing the carefully constructed party line devised by their corporate overlords.
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