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August 5th, 2013, 03:34
Originally Posted by Stingray View Post
There's no mistake here though. 10 minutes of testing by even the least competent QA person ever would have revealed numerous reasons that this game never should have been released. It's ludicrous that it's still being sold as a product on Steam, it should have been yanked days ago. If we were still in the days of PC games being sold in stores, it would have been taken off the shelves.

Sure, there's no reason not to play the game, if they do ever get it into a state where it is playable and enjoyable to play, but that doesn't excuse the above.
So you think that they should not have released it rather then release it and then patch it like they are doing. In the first case no one would be able to play it and it would have been a financial disaster for Coreplay which has the potential of causing small developers to go out of business. For the second case people get to play it and eventually the game gets fixed which will potentially avert any financial issues the company would have had but not necessarily.

What you mentioned about games being pulled off of the shelves is not entirely true. There were a few games that were in pretty horrible condition on release that never got pulled from the shelves like Ultima 9.
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