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August 5th, 2013, 07:02
This looks incredibly ambitious and is well poised to be the next big MMO.

- Multi-classing. Start with one of the base 8 and find a total of 40 classes
- Voxel-based destructible terrain
- Dynamic world events which play out for weeks or months leading to persistent permanent world changes.
- Dynamic AI with emergent behaviour
- Multi-layered world. Break through the terrain on the surface and land in a cavern. Currently has 3 levels.
- Change in trinity roles (tank, healer, damage) for group play. Further details to be announced.
- "SOEmote" : technology that utilizes your webcam to map your head tilts and facial movements to your ingame character (was developed for Everquest II).

And another game launched alongside called "EverquestNext: Landmark" for creating objects and buildings ala Minecraft. Anything that exists in the main game can be replicated in Landmark. With the added bonus of being able to sell and buy creations.

All this for an F2P MMO? Blimey….
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