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August 5th, 2013, 08:05
I have always found Bioware's sense of romance to be 'gamey', which means at some point in any relationship pursuit I found myself debating which path served the relationship compared to which was closer to my role-playing objectives. That was certainly true in BG2 and KotOR.

And in KotOR they did a decent job of not making you care which gender you chose up front in terms of it killing relationship potential completely.

Originally Posted by Brumbek View Post
And the LGBT thing…so you spend countless development hours catering to 0.001% of your players?
Assuming LGBT is ~10% of population, I would say you are off by ~4 orders of magnitude.

As for efforts, right now it is not unfair to say that gaming is by, of, and for white male techno-centric individuals. Therefore heroes are mostly male, hetero, get the girl who is objectified, and so on. Any steps towards being inclusive are a good thing, IMO. And it doesn't take a huge effort - just something that keeps developers from falling to the default that the good guy is ALWAYS a certain archetype.
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