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August 5th, 2013, 09:47
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
But if you want to believe I'm advocating that it gets dumbed down or something - I can't really help that.
Maybe not - but you are trying to change it from what it is to what every other game out there is. Paradox games are sandbox simulators where you can play out alternative history scenarios, they aren't action RTSs where the focus is on beating the AI in combat. Adding that element would be a massive step in the wrong direction for most hardcore fans of the game, whether it was as an option or not and would take development resources that are better used elsewhere.

As to visualization, sliders etc. Yes they could improve that area and it could reduce the steep learning curves a bit and make decisions more impactful. They are working on that and it will be interesting to see how the new point allocation works in this respect.

Comparing Bethesda games, I don't reckon they've made much progress in adding features that make the game more enjoyable since Morrowind. In fact the scaling in Oblivion and Skyrim largely screw up any RPG elements that the games have. Paradox games OTOH are moving in the right direction - that is for *most* of their fans.
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