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August 5th, 2013, 10:54
Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
In the first case no one would be able to play it and it would have been a financial disaster for Coreplay which has the potential of causing small developers to go out of business.
Er, what has Coreplay to do with this? To my knowledge, this ROA remake is done by Crafty Studios and published by Role Playing Company/UIG Entertainment. It has nothing to do with Coreplay.

Well, there are correlations, I guess. Namely to the situation with Coreplay and bitComposer, where bitComposer supposedly wanted to release CC prematurely in an incomplete state, which Coreplay supposedly refused as they didn't want to release an incomplete game - unlike Crafty and RPC/UIG.

It is great that Crafty is patching the game like mad, but in all honesty, the game should never ever had been released in the state it was. That was a total and utter disaster. If you have untranslated text on the intro screen and practically everywhere else, with all sorts of placeholders everywhere, and not even the combat system working properly (e.g. they recently patched spells to work in combat), you really should not release the game, no matter what, that much professional integrity should be taken for granted. If you're running out of money and can't get a loan or whatever, release the game as an alpha funding thing, clearly stating that this is an alpha version and the money it makes now will help to fund the game's development and finalization.
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