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August 5th, 2013, 12:34
First, sure not all games need "romance". I don't need romances in a shooter or in a simulator. But if you play a game supposed to put you as character in a sort of world, it is natural to assume at least the NPC inhabitants do have relationships, aka "romance". You don't have to care or participate. But entering a simulated world of sorts, lhowever simplified would be unnatural if the people in it had no "life" in the broadest sense.

As gay gamer, I always felt unwell with games essentially being as if gay people don't even EXIST. Many games with charcters are full of hints of straight romance, straight marriage asf. You may chose to ignore that, but it IS there. Much of it. So for me it was like I was invisible, like people like me didn't even exist, or being gay was something so evil, it was never to be mentioned. All characters in games were straight by definition. It sucked to be made nonexistent, I tell you.

I don't need gay characters in all games. But in games were people play a role in some sort of simuated world like RPGs, Adventures asf it would be nice to be able to CHOSE your "sexual" identity. I write sexual in "" because it is not the sex, it is the love, the identity of the heart, not the genitals, which matter. Many games HAVE relationship stories, so I just don't want to be shoehorned into some identity. I guess straight people would find it very uncomforting if EVERY romantic option in games was gay.

Is it important? No. World starvation, cancer cure, world peace and climate change are important. But within the realm of storytelling via games it sucks to be treated like your kind doesn't even exist!
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