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August 5th, 2013, 12:41
Originally Posted by Stingray View Post
Not sure if he's gay himself or not, but if he isn't, he's certainly got an unhealthy and peculiar obsession with it. It seems to be some kind of crusade of his.
It is what you can not understand. Yes. If you are constantly shut out, demonized and not mentioned like speaking about gay people is something evil, yes it does make you obsessed in fighting to be accepted like you guys are.

You just twist the issue around.

Several decades ago being black was like that. Did you ever see the Deep Space 9 Episode where Sisko is a writer in 1950ies USA? He wants to write a black starship Captain, but his boss says, there ARE no black starship Captains. And because Sisko is of course agitated, they say he is a troublemaker.

This is exactly the same. We are just making noise because we must. Yes in an ideal world the white straight males would freely give equal rights to blacks, to gays and women. But we all know: you don't, unless we make enough noise. And we will CONTINUE to make noise until it is normal that a hero is black or a woman or gay.
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