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August 5th, 2013, 15:29
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Potentially, this could be utterly amazing.

However… Listening to what they have to say and looking at how far along they seem to be, I'm quite sceptical.

Frankly, this looks like something from a very early stage in development and they're not being very clear about any kind of specifics - like how they intend to balance the level of destruction possible in that environment.

If this gets released any earlier than 2015 - I'll be shocked.
Everquest Next Landmark is supposed to release this year (dev even said November 2013). Think of it as playing Minecraft Survival at Peaceful level, while EQNext will be more like Minecraft Survival on Normal. You have to harvest material and craft if you want to build things. There are a few other differences, but it's the same engine and a lots of systems are shared between the two. They will even support guilds in Landmark.

The full EQNext game completion is another story, but I suspect it is much more advanced than what they showed at SOE Live. In the class panel, they showed 3d models with combat ready stance for all 40 classes, but highlighted only 3 of them.

People should also keep in mind that the game is going to be "empty" at the start. It start right after a big war with dragons ended and the Combine (alliance of different races) just started to build Qeynos. Players will have to help build the city if they join at release. That's part of the "Living Story" (I think Arenanet should have copyrighted that).

The underground levels are procedurally regenerated periodically as well, so they just need to design biomes for them.

Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
Destructible terrain? Human beings (and especially online players) being what they are, I expect that the entire world will be one huge crater within a week after launch
Some places can't be destroyed, like starting cities and your house unless you set the permission to allow for it. Even if destruction is allowed, unless it's a Rallying Call and part of the Living Story, it's not permanent. Current "healing rate" of the world is 5 minutes (I expect tweaking while in beta). See they even though of that, I suspect they did play Minecraft on a public server…

Also, you need to appropriate ability, items and power level to destroy things. The characters in the videos were "advanced" and the way they explained harvesting, I believe that you will need the required tool to break things, like in Minecraft. Pick for rocks, axe for trees, etc.
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