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August 5th, 2013, 16:14
These days I think it's speaking AGAINST homosexuality that's bound to get you demonized. I have no problem with the inclusion if the setting calls for it, but sometimes I feel that Bioware especially is finding ways of including LGBT relationships just for the sake of it, maybe to be able to say they'e LGBT-sensitive.

In DA2, for example, did most (all?) the NPCs you can be in relationships with have to be potentially gay? I'd have no problem if say Isabel were portrayed as gay or bi, that's the character they chose for her. But Anders was a surprise, it seemed like they were really pushing me to have a gay relationship with him even if that didn't seem to be his character from DA:O. Granted, events between DAO and DA2 could have changed him but that's not what it felt like to me. It really felt like having gay romance just for the sake of having it.

Also, they don't have to include LGBT just because the real world has that and has to be represented. Not everything from the real world has to have a representation just for the sake of representation. I have attention deficit disorder, my friend has asperger's, and while I'd appreciate a sped character, I don't think they should have them in just for the sake of it
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