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August 5th, 2013, 16:24
They said nothing about grouping and crafting so they have a long way to go, to sell me. I was hoping for more realistic graphics but I can live with what they showed. They got my hopes up talking about going back to EQ but we will see if they can deliver.

Did not talk about dungeons too much either and that is what made EQ. I would spend a month in a zone like Unrest and learn everything about that haunted house. In a new game like Guild Wars 2, I spent a month to get to max lvl and there was nothing to do after that.

Did not talk about factions too much either. I agree with wolfing and my expectations have been lowered. They can be raised again but when you get rid of the Holy Trininty (tank, healer, DPS) I think it may just become a zerg fest like every other MMO released in the last few years.
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