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August 5th, 2013, 18:15
Originally Posted by Gaxkang View Post
For me "if the setting calls for it" means not having everyone being gay (or player-sexual) by default. Actually developing a personality with and around an NPC's sexual identity rather than simply making every NPC a screwable throwaway option regardless of your or their gender or orientation.

Now Gaider is gay and out, so he should be able to put a lot of creative vision into giving heterosexual players an insight into a world they may not have much experience with (or have a prejudiced view of). He could write a really super positive role model and advance the cause a bit like Shatner advanced race relations when he kissed Uhura.

Instead Gaider goes on preaching crusades, and writes two dimensional gay characters that are not very positive or hard to understand and like (with the exception of Zevran).
I'm guessing you're referring to DA2 here and I would agree, it was tackled in a heavy-handed way in that game. By contrast, I thought ME3 handled the situation very very well. Both Cortez and Trainer were non-stereotypical characters with interesting personalities and backstories. They also gave the option to romance major characters like Kaiden, but in a way that had to be essentially "unlocked" so that you wouldn't accidentally stumble upon it if you didn't want to. Hopefully they will use this as a template for future games.

I can understand why they were so liberal with the gay options in DA2. DA:O essentially had Zevran, who was a decent character, but more or less an optional (and fairly flamboyant) side character. Gay gamers really wanted to have a love interest that was more integral to the story line, like Morrigan or Alistair (there's a reason that Equal Love, the mod that removes the gender check and allows you to romance Alistair/Morrigan, was one of the more popular mods for DA:O). They may not have handled the issue well with DA2, but I thought their intentions were in the right place.
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