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August 5th, 2013, 22:15
I like romances in games. It adds as much to me (if not more) than a deeper selection of weapons or death animations. Actually, strike the "as much" and just have that read "much more."

It's not for everyone. Neither are fantasy settings, crafting, inventory management, FP POV, or puzzles.

It is absolutely fine you don't want it. I don't want stealing or assassination in my games. I don't complain about it being there, though, I just don't do it OR, if it is so central to the game (GTA) then I avoid the game entirely.

if playable, interactive romances taint a game for you, be happy in the knowledge that the majority of games do not enjoy that.

But if you want BioWare to remove them…
you'll have as much luck as getting them to go back to a silent PC or lose the cinematic presentation.

By all means, make your case to them. But be prepared for a vocal swath of BioWare fans to shout you down (some of them quite rudely) and for BioWare to largely ignore you.

(Full disclosure - I haven't stopped tilting at windmills over silent PC, so… grain of salt and all that.)
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