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August 6th, 2013, 05:02
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
Things I liked from the video:
- Cities and stuff being developed by the players over months, and staying there.
- I liked the camera-based emoticons I think.

Things I didn't like from the video:
- Art style, definitely didn't like at all.
- Multi-classing everybody-is-everything, definitely didn't like this, at all. I liked EQ *because* of its class-based system.
- Twitchy combat. Just this alone would kill it for me.
- No levels… ok? I liked EQ1 because of the levels and how long it took to reach max (in fact, after playing it like 2 years, I never made it to max).
- Woosh/Waash/Kaboom! Again, when every action you perform goes with a super-animation, then they lose their shine.
- Double jump, SERIOUSLY???

About a year ago SOE opened an old-school Everquest 1 server, with the original ruleset, and each expansion occurring every month or so in the order they came. I tried it just to see… I hadn't had so much fun playing an MMO since many years before. It wasn't nostalgia at all, it was really fun to play EQ1 as how it was, with required grouping, with the down-times, with the slow-leveling, etc. I guess that's what I was hoping EQ Next would be, back to the awesomeness of EQ1 with refreshed lore, graphics, UI, but maintaining the core gameplay. Alas, I couldn't have been more wrong. What I got instead was some sort of Minecraft/Golden Axe hybrid.
Golden Axe is awesome!

Multi-classing: you can choose to completely develop a single class instead. So at least you have that option.
Combat: No details on this yet. Personally I would like an involved, deliberate combat mechanic. Not just mindlessly mashing away when a timer returns to 0.
No Levels: It seems to be a different way of improving your character. Details are rather sketchy on this as well. All they've pretty much said is that they are are going for horizontal rather then vertical progression.
Combat Animation: I actually like it but of course there is a fine line between conveying a satisfying combat animation and over the top silliness.
Double Jump: I have mixed feelings about this. It does seem out of place but then again characters have magical abilities like teleporting and firing missiles out of their bare hands. On the plus side, it might imply that exploration is important and this mechanic might be useful to traverse the landscape and find some interesting nooks and crannies..

Everquest Next seems to be a modified blend of features from a variety of games:
Terrain Deformation/Construction/Procedural Subterranean Levels: Minecraft
Multi-classing: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR
Swappable Skills/Weapon-based skills/Dynamic Events: Guild Wars
Double Jump: Wildstar

I can understand the polarised views from Everquest fans. The art style and mechanics seems to have completely changed. But for better or worse remains to be seen.
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