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August 6th, 2013, 05:26
If including minorities into games is a selling strategy, like some people vitriolically imply, then it definitely works with me and I do not care at all if it's done for money or not. I want to support a company that sets a good example for others and that's it. And I'll never diss Bioware for anything, even if they start making exclusively iPhone platform games, because this way they did earn my respect.

I also like that they talk about it all the time, because that's a part of setting an example. Unless you talk about such topics to death, others don't follow the lead. It's very a slow process and I do want more games with options, rather than games forcing you into one and the same stereotype over and over.

And being female, I perfectly understand LGBT people, as I know that playing as someone I can fully identify with is 500% more enjoyable than playing someone of another gender. Even if the game is not very good but I can identify, it's so important that it makes up for its quality quite a bit.

I'm sure that's totally incomprehensible for those who're constantly being represented in games and have no trouble identifying. So as far as LGBT themes go, it's absolutely great that these people can enjoy one aspect of the game 500% more instead of disliking it or just not caring about it.
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