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August 6th, 2013, 09:37
I still remember your LAA fix for the G3 executable. Was very grateful for making the game playable for more than half an hour

Still Gothic 3 and Arx are a very good argument that for some gamers (hardcore or simply practical ) if a game is fixed and is good then we can forget a botched release and just enjoy the games (those two numbering amongst my favorites).

I'll buy this one if they get it decent in a few months time. That said, yeah, damage done…

P.S At least these guys are fixing their mess themselves unlike some other cases I can think of…

Edit: By botched I was thinking of G3 mainly. There may have been a couple of serious bugs left on the English version of Arx too on release, but I don't remember much of an uproar. It may have indeed been a german release thing…
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