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August 6th, 2013, 12:06
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
Why should he? If people invite you to talk about something, it indicates that there are people who want to hear your thoughts about that topic. If press picks it up it indicates furhter that there is an interest in the discussion.
Is anyone saying he should? I'm saying he's willingly exposing himself in the media - and when you do that as an adult, you should prepare yourself for a response.

That's my point.

But that, as you like to say "is just you".

(Edit: and maybe the fact that it's always the same guy actually shows that there really still is a problem?)
Obviously there's a problem - but I don't see how one person dedicating his life to adding weak gay romancing to blueprint games is a sign of that problem.

It may be a sign of another problem, though

Me neither. Aren't we generous!
I don't consider myself generous for that reason, but yeah - I'm a pretty generous guy.

Doesn't mean I enjoy hearing about gay issues in games when I'm not part of creating the issue - and I consider every single human being an equal.

I feel the same way about all kinds of irrelevant and repetitive nonsense.

But it is still an issue. We had hompophobe posts not long ago on this very board. They are rampant on the Codex. I agree that gaming is really a minor playing field. But it is one of many. Generally speaking G/L rights, and even more how (as a society but also each of us personally) we deal with homosexuals in our everyday life is still very much an issue. And in some countries a very serious issue, sometimes of life and death (Russia, many arab and african countries). So IMHO, being tired of hearing it is really not a very good reason here. And really, I don't think shutting up is a good strategy for minorities. They need to be loud or they will not be heard.
I'm not sure what you're saying. Being tired of hearing about something that's (nearly) irrelevant for a computer game is not a good reason for what, exactly?

I'm not telling them to shut up - I'm saying they're potentially adding to the problem by constantly shining a light on it.

But that's because I don't think just talking about issues is what creates change.

It can help create change and it can help to create further issues - because people can respond negatively as well as positively.

To create change, you have to make people understand - and you have to take up the issues where they're truly relevant and where you can actually make a difference.

Adding weak romances with weak characters in blueprint games are hardly going to do all that much, except perhaps make gay people feel better about something they shouldn't feel bad about it in the first place.

Fair enough - but I'm still sick of hearing about this.




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