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August 6th, 2013, 11:22
That's fine, I am not a big David Gaider fan myself. But usually when I am sick of a particular topic, I just ignore it. Entering the discussion, pronouncing your displeasure with hearing about this topic again, however, indicates to me that you are making a statement, and just like adult David Gaider, you will not be surprised that people will react, eh?
I really think you have a weak point regarding your suggestion that talking may hurt more than it helps. If people respond negatively it's at least out in the open, something that can be responded to again. (That's what we are doing here after all, no?). I don't think that creates an issue, it just brings it to light. It may bring it to a point, but that is often necessary before you can move forward. And you simply can't solve issues that you keep under wraps.

Adding weak romances with weak characters in blueprint games are hardly going to do all that much, except perhaps make gay people feel better about something they shouldn't feel bad about it in the first place.
Why do you think you have any understanding of what they should feel bad about and what they shouldn't? Elikal here has already stated why it does matter to him, e.g.. I'm also not sure that the quality of the actual implementation of gay romance in Biowares games is relevant here?
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