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August 6th, 2013, 11:39
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
That's fine, I am not a big David Gaider fan myself. But usually when I am sick of a particular topic, I just ignore it. Entering the discussion, pronouncing your displeasure with hearing about this topic again, however, indicates to me that you are making a statement, and just like adult David Gaider, you will not be surprised that people will react, eh?
Not at all, and I have no problem with you responding and making a statement of your own

I do have a little problem with you thinking that stating an opinion is necessarily advocating that others can't have theirs - but I can deal with it.

Sometimes I ignore these things and sometimes I don't. It depends on my mood.

Unlike entering a thread about a game and just saying: "game is crap" - I think responding to these constant repetitive statements is appropriate - and I don't think not agreeing with the approach is "reason enough" to ignore it.

I really think you have a weak point regarding your suggestion that talking may hurt more than it helps. If people respond negatively it's at least out in the open, something that can be responded to again. (That's what we are doing here after all, no?). I don't think that creates an issue, it just brings it to light. It may pring it to a point, but that is often necessary before you can move forward. And you simply can't solve issues that you keep under wraps.
That's ok - and maybe you're right. Personally, I think things change when you make sensible statements that are consistent and relevant, and people actually listen.

If you're so obsessed with promoting gay rights that you see "anti-gay" attitudes in people who don't have them - you're actively hurting your cause, as you're not dealing with reality.

But that's me - and we don't have to agree about that.

Why do you think you have any understanding of what they should feel bad about and what they shouldn't? Elikal here has already stated why it does matter to him, e.g.. I'm also not sure that the quality of the actual implementation of gay romance in Biowares games is relevant here?
I believe I have a pretty good understanding of human nature - and one thing I'm very certain about is that it's not helpful to feel bad about something that's beyond your control and that you can't change.

I think being gay is something you should just accept and I think it's very healthy to do so - and I don't think it's the right way to approach such an issue to add a gay character "just because", which is really how I see a character like Anders or Zevran.

If you're going to add a gay character, then I think what I always think about characters - and that's that they should be plausible and believable given the setting. Which is something Bioware suck at creating.




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