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August 6th, 2013, 13:37
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
Thats a discussion you'll have to have with a homosexual person - I really don't feel qualified to judge how relevant a gay person would consider the characters and the writing, etc. The sad thing is that there are to my knowledge hardly any other games that could be pointed to that have done it differently or better (that itself points to there being a problem again, imho).
Oh, I've spoken to people with all kinds of sexual preferences.

I don't agree I have to talk with a homosexual person - but that's because my understanding of the human mind involves realising that human nature doesn't differ all that significantly based on your sexuality.

Obviously, if you think "homosexuals" are very different from other human beings - then I appreciate your position.

I consider sexuality a trivial difference that's hardly worth talking about. Clearly, you and a LOT of other people disagree.

You're right - most writing in games sucks - and that especially goes for plausible human beings.

When it comes to RPGs - that are typically fantasy-based, it's even more rare to see well-written human beings.




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