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August 6th, 2013, 14:14
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I think the differences in our opinions - when it comes to this particular topic - is the EXTENT to which we think it's relevant and helpful to involve gay issues in gaming.
I look at it this way:
- Jackie Robinson in baseball is held up as a huge step in the evolution of racial civil rights - and not jut in sports.
- The picture of Kathrine Switzer running the Boston Marathon with the organizer chasing her trying to yank her out of the race was considered one of the fundamental moments of women in sports, and of the equality of women in general.

These are just sports, yet they were hugely influential moments. Gaming is a massive cultural element, so the ability to have the possibility for the normal range of relationships existing without it being notable is actually a potentially important thing*.

* note that I don't disagree with you about game writing and human behavior in general.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I don't agree I have to talk with a homosexual person - but that's because my understanding of the human mind involves realising that human nature doesn't differ all that significantly based on your sexuality.
As for this - it isn't about sexual preference making people different, but making the 365/24/7 experience of BEING that person different.

We all possess varying degrees of empathy which is then impacted by our bias. But empathy is NOT experiential reality - in other words, you can empathize with being black in America, but since you are neither American nor black, you cannot speak authoritatively - or even remotely completely - about what that experience is like for someone.

You have a limited ability, based on the fact that while we can empathize broadly we can only BE ourselves. And honestly, saying 'you are tired of hearing' about something is as much a reminder of the limitations of empathy and the inability to experience someone else's reality as anything else.
-- Mike
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