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August 6th, 2013, 21:27
Originally Posted by Hastar View Post
That is one of the most untrue statements I have ever read on this site. Evergrind my butt. When EQ first came out it was whatever you wanted it to be. I would stay in zones for weeks just helping people out. I was a cleric and I would go around Norath rezzing people and helping groups that needed a cleric. If you chose to grind then that is how you wanted to play.
I could see your point if there was a way to play the game that didn't involve grinding.

I guess staying at level 1 doing nothing but helping people is theoretically possible, though

Truth be told, however, you're right. No game in the entire world has grind if you "don't choose to play it that way" - but then the concept kinda loses its meaning, doesn't it




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