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August 7th, 2013, 01:56
I don't mind Bioware including bi or homo as a romance option as long as you can kill the romance easily. But I do dislike the fact Bioware constantly goes back to the topic. Yes, you guys love to include bi/homo romance in your game, good for you, now lets move along. They've been doing it for years and they constantly voice it as if it's the only achievement they've made these recent years. Good for you, would you like a medal?

It irritates me a lot whenever they talk about it because I thought they are making RPG, not some romance dating games? I don't mind romance included in the game, so long as it is done well, and as a part of the PC/protagonist and NPC/companions relationship build. I quite enjoyed the romance in BG2, because I felt it was integrated well with building friendship/strong bonds with the companions you are traveling with.

What I would like to see more often is the romance between NPCs, not just between the protagonist and companion you are traveling with. I actually found it quite amusing when I discovered that Tali and Garrus enters relationship (sort of). Why shouldn't your companions have romance? It actually feels more natural when you get to help your traveling companions bond with each other than being forced into romance for your protagonist just for the sake of the story (sometimes).
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