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August 7th, 2013, 09:14
Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
Can't play it again today as it was played back then. First, there are no groups at that range; the game has been tweaked to be solo-centric for the first half. And, even if there were groups, players who want to "stop and smell the roses" are few and far between because EQ1 is all but dead to new players - the vast majority of people still playing the game are raiders who've been around for years.

And I never said EQ was varied; but there is quite a difference between lacking variety and being a grind. The community in the early days of EQ was second to none and made any sense of grind disappear. Ok, maybe not fully disappear for level 59-60.
It was an example of how perceptions change.

Sure, you may not have felt EQ was much of a grind - because there was nothing to compare it to, back then.

I didn't feel UO was much of a grind, even though I spent full days doing nothing but chopping wood and making wooden shields. I was having fun.

MY point is that MMOs have changed - and though certainly not all for the better, there's no way you can play EQ today and not have it feel like a grind.




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