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August 7th, 2013, 09:45
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
That is not the case for the author of the OP.

Regenerating health added depth to the gameplay. Permanent health actually reduces the depth of health management compared to cases with regenerating health.

Online gaming in Doom was more oriented toward head to head gaming and did not display the depth of squad tactics that following games would display.

FPS gameplay grew deeper after Doom. The lack of difficulty (as perceived by the author) cant come from the lack of depth.

Speaking of decline in the FPS genre going from Doom is nonsense. The author is probably a socalled RPGer who cant take it that, in some other genres, players who play games for the gameplay first (gamers) still influence the outcome and that they had their priorities right. They guaranteed that shooters' main focus remained the shooting act.
For so called RPGers, it's been a while that roleplaying games must be about everything but roleplaying. RPGs must be about combat, immersion, story, romances etc but not about roleplaying.

Tough news, that deviancy has not yet reached the FPS genre. FPS 's main focus remains the shooting act. Doom is a milestone in the history of FPS but not one signaling a decline.

FPS as a genre keeps progressing.
Regenerating health adding depth? It's there because consoles are too wimpy to do collisions so they use hitscan. When you cannot escape arbitrary damage through skill, you have to have regen.

You have to have slower gameplay when using a console controller that gives you the dexterity of a walrus, too. Not to mention when you are playing a game with nonexistent gameplay ie every console shooter ever made which relies on cutscenes and eye candy, you have to do everything possible to slow down the delivery or go into a billion dollar budget.

Has to be like the worst post ever, I am shocked someone can think shooters have gotten better in any way, shape, or form. And I can own anybody online at these lame shooters after 5 seconds even though I only play them if the kiddies suck me into it. Sad.
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