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August 7th, 2013, 17:07
I only beat Battlespire once, and it was back in 2003. Six years after I bought the darn thing.

The only reason I beat it is because I did the following RPG munchkin things:

#1: Made a character that focused on healing and shield magics
#2: Camped near a regenerating mana stone in each level for 20-30 hours of real time and grinded my magic school scores up to max level by repeatedly casting them and waiting for the mana stones to recharge
#3: Walked around every level after the 2nd with a constant reflect/shield combo spell up so that the tons of Daedra Seducers and other assorted spell spamming baddies would no longer one-shot me.

And wouldn't you know it, I get to Dagon and the fight with him was an auto-win battle where you just walk up to his sprite and you get a win cinematic. Great.

Good game though. Definitely the toughest ARPG I ever played.

Originally Posted by Dark Savant View Post
Is this a joke or what? 280 pounds for a copy without gameplay disc and still three days to go. And the guy is selling this as brand new

I still have my box with manual, disc, and the note from Weaver where he thanks the buyer for supporting his series. How much would you pay? The wife is making me toss a lot of my boxed PC games.
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