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August 7th, 2013, 20:12
Originally Posted by Zephyr View Post
" . . . in single-player games, there may be stretches where the player is watching the action unfold rather than actually playing the game, which is not generally considered a good thing."

Precisely why I dislike TB games. Sit and wait for some opponent to decide how he is going to whack me. Then sit there and take it. My turn comes and I twiddle with Inventory, Weapons, Spells, etc., and finally pick what I want to do. Meanwhile, my lawn has grown 3 inches. No thanks.

Different strokes for different folks, that's fine and I can respect that…but it isn't the tortuously long affair that you and others make it out to be.

Turn based is about statistical depth, planning, strategics, micro managing and adherence to harsh rule sets. Granted, you can have some of these things to small degrees in a real time game, but turn based combat allows for features real-time cannot. Such as the 3rd edition flat-footed rule you see in ToEE or the fighter's sweep move from the old D&D goldbox games. Incorporating these would be tough in a real time game since they rely on positioning, the inactive state of your enemy and a remainder of movement points left over.

Even when a real time game has these things you often are never allowed to look under the hood and see them take place. It becomes more about hitting buttons to see the next cinema scene than it does using your knowledge to win each fight.
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