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August 7th, 2013, 19:19
Of course, most of the article is about different variations on "turn based" to avoid that problem.

My worst experience (to my recollection) with looooong waiting in a turn-based game was with Wizardry 8, but I think some of the old Gold Box games came pretty close (or may have exceeded it… maybe I just had more patience back then).

Maybe I'm just too "old school," but in spite of my love for RTS games, I still feel like the whole real-time / action-based gameplay in RPGs is an excuse for cheap, easy AI. The AI has no problem timing the "block" command perfectly, but the player will never be so perfect, so BAM! Easy challenge!

That's not to say turn-based is AI nirvana, either. A lot of the old (and new) TB games just throw in cheap, overpowered bad guys that still aren't all that clever, but they have zillions of hit points and cheap abilities, so the player has to pull every resource they can think of out of a hat to beat them.

That's a big part of why I was such a big fan of Knights of the Chalice. While you could argue that the AI was "cheap" in that it seemed to access knowledge it shouldn't have (how does that bear know to go after my mage first!?!?), I have lots of fond memories of particularly vicious, clever battles in that game. I think the combat in that game was far more interesting than any other 3rd edition D&D based game out there, and it wasn't even an officially licensed game! (Maybe there's a causal relationship there).
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