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August 7th, 2013, 19:22
Originally Posted by Myrkrel View Post
As far as I know it is still possible to freely use the OGL license to use the D&D 3.5 ruleset for computer games. The OGL and d20 licenses are two different licenses (d20 is defunct but OGL is usable forever). More info here on the WotC site:

A key quote there:

Knights of the Chalice does this (uses the 3.5 rules, modified, under the OGL license).

That said, I still applaud the idea of creating another system people can freely use!
This is true. One of the secrets they don't tell you is that game rules can't be copyrighted so the real matter is using the trademarked logos and proprietary IP.

You'll notice their terms regarding using the d20 logo, WotC IP, and the OGL concerning software are actually pretty harsh:


As you see, you can't level up or do character creation or do anything interactive. Basically they relagate any games you make to be promotion items and that's it.

I believe anything else has to be paid for. But like I said you can do anything you want with rules - look at KotOR, even after the d20 Star Wars there's no d20 on the box, but its obvious it is a d20 game.

Buit not using their intellectual property is fine for my purpose. What they don't offer is the ability to give code away for free for anyone to use. There are some RPG making tools for sure but they are intrinsicately tied to a certain game or style of game. This would be the code of the rules behind a flexible systen and useable by anyone.
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