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August 8th, 2013, 03:13
Realtime with pause is fine by me.

I don't know about AI but the big thing turn based systems do for me is that they allow MUCH more complex situations. In RTS games you can tell units to move, to shoot at something, and maybe to take some special action - though that last tends to be difficult to pull off. If you put in something turn based then you can issue much more complex orders, analyze much more complex situations, and even look up things when you've gone and forgotten part of the complexity.

That deep complexity is what I really crave. The turn system is just a consequence of that. If somebody were to mod Diablo to force in a turn based system, I don't think I would like the game any better. Mod it so there's a turn based system, four characters to control, a host of offensive and defensive powers, and more complex enemies to fight and I bet I'll have a lot more fun. Mod it so all those things are put in but keep the turn based system out and I'll just get creamed.
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