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August 8th, 2013, 04:24
Between yesterday and today, I have played a few hours. So far my impressions are pretty positive. I really like the political aspect and the characters in the game. I haven't quite seen a lot of impact from my decisions yet, but it certainly feels like there will be a lot.

The RTS aspect is fun, though in my opinion is the weakest part of the game. I'm just not a big fan of capturing resource spots in order to build and expand. I prefer base-building. And since resource centers are so limited, certain maps can certain give foes rather sizable advantages. I was attacked on the same piece of territory twice, and although I had the advantage both times heading in to the battle, the map certainly gave the advantage to the computer by giving them an extra resource spot and two extra unit building spots.

Switching between your dragon and tactical control a lot is very necessary in order to win a lot of battles because of how much help your dragon really provides. Some of you will not like that because the action is very fast-paced and usually hectic, though I found myself getting used to it (I am a vet of some older RTS games). What I did not like, and has probably led me to the most frustration, is the unit limits the game places on you. It also lends to the fast-paced nature of the game (battles are usually resolved fairly quickly), but I haven't figured out what exactly this is based on. I also haven't seen the computer hit its maximum. I ended up losing my last battle because of the population limit, despite almost having conquered the enemy. This was because, as I mentioned early, my enemy had the advantage of more resources next to them, and I had to battle to overcome that disadvantage. When the tides had finally turned and I had nearly all their units wiped out (though not buildings), I reached my population limit and was left helpless while the computer continued churning out units to destroy the remnants of my battered army while they were trying to clean up. That was frustrating, and led me to take a break (which is why I am posting here).

Otherwise, the game plays pretty well, and I am really excited to see how the politics play out and how it all affects the game. Feels like a good one so far.
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