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August 8th, 2013, 16:49
From what I saw from the reveal it's actually moving into the Minecraft area. It wa one of those "Don't mention …" presentations. Landmark even more so but I'm intrigued by server specific persistence, i.e. events might happen on one server which might never on the other. Only problem is if there are server merges, how are they going to reconcile them?

BTW, SOE already has a competitive sort of MMO in PlanetSide 2 so focusing on adventuring with EQNXT is a smart move. No use in one company offering 10 mmo's with the same type of content. In regards to server merges, there have been a few already with PlanetSide 2 so I hope they have a gameplan in regards to the differences between the server worlds (maybe the one with the largest pop gets to go on while the other is destroyed).

I do hope PlanetSide 2 gets worked into a bit less of a Tug of War game and we will finally be able to lock-out factions, as that one is now it's just a shooter with gigantic scale.
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