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August 12th, 2013, 04:19
PC Gamer has a preview for Thief 4 fom it's PC Gamer UK Magazine.

We wonít be able to make everybody happy,Ē says Daniel Windfeld Schmidt. Heís the lead level designer on Eidos Montrealís Thief relaunch, and heís right. I recently played the first-person stealth game, and some people arenít going to be happy.

This Thief game has third- person climbing sections. It makes minor use of quick time events. It has ĎFocus modeí, which gifts master thief Garrett with limited time-slowing combat abilities. It has context-sensitive controls that mean you can only jump when the game says you can jump.

Unhappy yet? Iím not. After playing the game for over an hour at this yearís E3, and putting all my concerns about the above to Schmidt, Iíve settled on being cautiously optimistic. Thief has changed, but not in the ways that matter.
More information.
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