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August 12th, 2013, 11:56
Originally Posted by mogwins View Post
The Poison Ivy fight was standard boss "gamey" rubbish. But the goons in party hats fight was brilliant. It was the proper test of if you'd grasped the combat system, which is an utter joy (hint: you've got far more time than you might think, so plan your moves carefully and look for the signals about who's going to attack next. Definitely don't mash "attack!" ) . That was the section where I finally got the x40 combo achievement.
It wasn't about challenge - as I beat that fight in 4-5 tries on the hardest difficulty. It just took too long and at that point, it felt like needless filler before the end. It was just a copy of a recent fight with more enemies. Not very interesting to me.

I suppose if you really love fighting the same enemies over and over again, it's a joy - but I felt it was redundant at that point. I had more or less mastered the fight system - though I concede I didn't have perfect timing or anything. I just wasn't invested enough for that.

Then again, the game ultimately wasn't for me. I'm not really into cartoon heroes - and I'm not big on games that consist of 50% achievement-like "discoveries".

Most modern console games have started using that instead of real content. Like Assassin's Creed 2 - which was exactly the same "find 20 feathers" and get a little reward. It's like they want to double playtime without actually doing any work on content. If games are huge and expansive, I think that kind of thing is cool and all - but having it be such a big part of the entire experience is a sad way to keep players hooked.

I guess it's working, though.

It just had a particularly superb atmosphere - and the initial stages seemed to promise a game full of story and exploration. In the end, I found the game to peak early - and slowly devolve into endless fighting with less and less story/exploration of note.




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