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August 12th, 2013, 12:28
To me, the best part of any stealth game is the sensation of being a truly sneaky bastard.

The game has got to challenge me and make it hard to stay out of sight, and any physical conflict needs to be a desperate act.

You need to feel that each takedown is an accomplishment and that you're being very clever by eliminating a guard without sound.

The worst thing you can feel is that such a thing is trivial and that you don't have to be careful.

Beyond that, it should reward careful exploration with lots of loot and story exposition.

This game sounds like it wants to be more of a traditional console action game with a lot of physical conflict and a lot of QTE events - as well as the standard overdose of "experience-driven" content like big explosions going off as you jump vast distances.

As in, it doesn't sound like Thief to me.

My best guess is that they put someone in charge that doesn't understand the genre or games in general. Most likely some company lackey speaking only corporate and trying to "market-guess" what gamers want - like not feeling frustrated by actual challenge.

It's exactly what you'd expect these days - except that the very same company released Deus Ex: HR - which WAS very faithful if you look beyond the boss fights that suits forced upon the development team.

Sure, the actual development team is different - but I seem to recall the DE:HR developers talking about this team taking over their development office and how they seemed ready to take on the mantle of Thief in a similarly faithful way. Probably, that was just my wishful interpretation.

I don't know what went wrong here, but I assume it's because DE:HR only sold a couple of million copies. I guess they're trying to aim wider this time.
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