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August 12th, 2013, 13:23
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I hate the BSN. They banned me on there because I said I would wanted to have seen some very explicit rape in Mass Effect when it released.
Having such a thing in a game would lead to this game being banned almost everywhere. You - as a publisher - just wouldn't be able to sell it. 300.000 money currency thrown away for nothing.
The risk just would be too great.

And - you don't see what you want even in movies. Not at least in movies that are meant to become "Blockbusters".
You might see it in an movie that's seen by a few 10.000 people, perhaps, but nothing more.

And games Games are - as the word "game" implies - meant for play. Not for watching.

And playing - how would it be that a rape becomes play ?
That'd twist the word "play" and the word "game" beyond any repair.
Because "raping" as a substancial part of a "game" … playing with marbles is a game. Playing soccer is a game. Playing Commander Keen is a game. Playing with Lego is a game.

But "playing a rape" ? Because … even as a cutscene, it would STILL be a PART of the so-called "game" … Next step would be to allow children to "play torture", to allow children to "play rape", to allow children to "play hitman" - because it would most certainly NOT end at the "age barrier". It's too easy for kids of 10 years or even younger ! to get video games for any age for playing. A 10 year old kid watching an - as you put it - "very explicit rape" ? What kind of impact would have this on the kid ? On a boy - that it is "good" and accepted by society to rape someone ? Because kids are not yet able to distinguish between what's on a screen and what's in RL. I truly believed that C-3PO and R2-D2 were for realwhen I was 8 years old. As a girl - that it is "opkay" and "accepted in society" to be raped ? What kind of impact would have this on the girl ? The "eternal victim" ? De-humanization of the own sex ?

And don't you try to wriggle your way out of this "age problem" : It is still far too easy for kids to get games for any age. And, what's worse, they are in no position to judge whether a game is "age appropriate" for them or not. If you assume such a thing, then you are assuming it from the position of a person who has far much more matureness than a kid has - and because of this wrong perspective, this would be unlogical.

And games becoming "rape similations" - to put it rather satirically - games are nowadays becoming darker and darker.

And that's a trend, a fashion welcomes by a lot of people nowadays.

But I believe - personally - that the sheer number of peopleopenly welcoming this "age of dark & gritty" is still a minority - or at least not the majority. That's my personal opinion, I admit it.

And what happens if games become darker & darker ? Then the PC platform becomes an "havy metal games" platform - and only a minority - measured against the WHOLE MARKET - is going to view it. Heavy metal, Death Metal and so on are a huge part of the music business - but they are still not the majority, because the music business consists of orchestral music, of pop music, of blues, jazz, country music, hip hop etc. as well.

The result would be - and I personally believe that it is already going on right now ! - "flee" to the consoles. Thus draining the PC platform of customers, of diversity, of any intention to develop for a different folks than those who are clinging to the PC platform.

And the PC platform IS already degenerated. A few genres are dominating it. Any further loss of customers who are fleeing towards the consoles because of lack of diverity, lack of "non-grittyness" etc. would hurt the PC platform furthermore - leaving it to a "last resort of a few freaks". And then, the PC platform's reputation would go down. It has already suffered - at least here - for being nothing more than a "shooter platform", to put it rather extremely.

In the end, the PC platform will be a refugium of shooters, of rapers, of gangstas, of freaks.

And everyone else will stay clear of them.

And you seem to want it to grow this way, because your wish is something very definitively helping this "evolution" of the PC platform.
Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. (E.F.Schumacher, Economist, Source)
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