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August 12th, 2013, 15:49
I wouldn't say I've ever quit due to enemies but some enemies have made me think of doing so sometimes. Dragon Age 2 is the prime offender here. Its end bosses aren't hard, just tedious and they've been given huge health bars to make matters worst. The fights just boil down to using your most powerful abilities.

Dragon Age: Origins also suffered the same slightly with the archdemon. It was the high dragon battle all over again but it just had higher health.

Morrowind was full of these type of enemies - cliff racers. It doesn't help that the game has a horrible combat system. Christ, those creatures were annoying and to add insult to injury they even make a god-awful noise just to p*** you off.

Neverwinter Night's first expansion had enemies at the end which were ****ing annoying. Skeletal devourers. They were immune to most of your attacks and dazed you. It doesn't help that you encounter them in groups during the end section.

Dark Souls had these type of enemies in the Tomb of Giants. The "Giant Skeleton Dogs" and their rage attack (in which they lash out with a flurry of blows dealing heavy damage).

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen on hard mode…EXECUTIONERS. After beating the first form of the main boss for the expansion you will encounter these mini-bosses in group. If you get hit down they can perform their finisher on you which instantly kills you no matter your armor stats or level. They have actually made me reload saves where I strategically deal with them one by one but sometimes I've been forced to fight several at once. It doesn't help that they have high stagger resistance (the only thing next to freezing them that can interrupt their instant kill attack which they can perform on you or your companions).

Also Death, he instant kills your companions which has forced me to reload several times. It doesn't help killing him because he pops up again, which is to be expected really, he is DEATH. He's easy enough to fight but the pawns are too stupid to dodge his SLOW attacks and thus almost always die to him.
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