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August 12th, 2013, 22:28
Originally Posted by Grangokhan View Post
I tried searching but you have over 8,000 posts! Even when using the keywords feature I couldn't dig anything up!
I tried too, to no success. I hate not remembering the names.

Corwin's idea is good, ah a memory refresh:

1. Aielund Saga - my favorite so far (great NPCs, world and story)

the following are good too, though the details in my mind are sketchy

- Sands of Fate trilogy (probably one of the best epic level mods, perfect for continuing a character from the OC or HotU, again a cool world setting plus HUGE dungeons)
- Spires of Ravenloft (neat gothic/vampire world setting, it's a remake of a PnP adventure I believe)

these ring a bell, by name, though can't remember the details

- Mines of Twin Summit trilogy
- Under the Moonlight series
- Forge of Fury (I think)
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