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August 13th, 2013, 01:32
Originally Posted by ManWhoJaped View Post
I haven't played dragon age but by now I have seen every cutscene, probably, due to people posting them to make fun of.

Most of it is just stupid and laughable but there's an "elf" who looks and talks like a 12 year old girl, and ACTS like one, who you can "romance". Something about it really made me cringe inside, it's that creepy.

To me in a way it's more disturbing to see them simulating real relationships than to just show their lame sex scenes. Someone who wants to simulate a relationship with a little girl, I am guessing is very very ill.

The police who bust pedophiles say that every one of them is heavy into star trek or star wars. I am guessing if they check their computers they will find a copy of Dragon Age to go along with it.

Her? She was a poorly-written character (but then again so were most other characters in DA2). She does look quite young until…

Creepy stuff.

I wouldn't say it's catering to pedophiles even as a joke. I think a lot of Bioware's writers and designers (last time I heard anyways) were female and they probably noticed all the fan art for the first game as well as the female fans (adolescent girls) on their forums. The writing for characters in DA2 was cringe-worthy at times and you could see how it catered to teens which was odd because the main plot was rather depressing and dark.

But Dragon Age 2 is the exception. Other Bioware games don't feature characters like Merrill who are young looking and romancable. DA2 was one of a kind. ME3 was something else (but I haven't played that so maybe it too suffers from cringe-worthy dialogue?)

All I know is that I never encountered any of the stuff from DA2 in DA: Origins or the first two Mass Effect games. It's like they've suddenly ditched all their old writers in favor of ones catering to teenage girls and the creepy adult male-fanbase…

Actually you may be onto something…

I mean, have a look at their forums. There's all "bronies" there.
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