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August 13th, 2013, 02:15
Originally Posted by Grangokhan View Post
It's like they've suddenly ditched all their old writers in favor of ones catering to teenage girls and the creepy adult male-fanbase…

Actually you may be onto something…

I mean, have a look at their forums. There's all "bronies" there.
Their writing has never been all that good. There was no good writing in BG series either. They had some cool "ideas" in there here and there and lots to explore but the writing itself is very poorly done and nonsensical.

As far as who they cater to I don't imagine what anyone else could think. This is like those old girlfriend simulators that came out in the 90s. To me it's all quite creepy, but the one with merille "oh merille! Fingerprints from swinging on the chandeliers, you're such a child." made my eyes go white.

Their audience isn't teenagers at all it's primarily the creepiest 40+ year old weirdos, male and female. They have put all their efforts into pleasing people on the basis of pandering to their basest nature and ignored everyone else.

And that's why their old fans hate them, along with the fact they shout down anyone who complains about the direction things are going. And why they are a huge joke even to people who didn't used to be fans. And why they are going slowly but surely out of business.

edit: people who are rpg fans don't take this part seriously but the people who like these games so much don't like games like fallout and BG, they are there for the creepy elf porn and twilightesque romance. They are like hepler and just want to skip over the combat to get to the "good" stuff.
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