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August 13th, 2013, 21:20
So I take it you don't really like any Bioware game? The first Baldur's Gate didn't really have much quality writing but I thought the plot was good enough and consistent. It was the sequel which expanded to more intricate dialogues with characters and your companions but let me digress. I thought NWN: Hordes of the Underdark and the first Dragon Age had some good writing. Mass Effect was good plot-wise but I could never get into the characters.
I don't really play games for the story, most people into RPGs these days seem to, probably because that's the only thing modern RPG provides. As scifi fan I can't help but laugh at mass effect in particular but bioware has always had massive plotholes and nonsensical elaborate details that don't add anything to the story, pretty much like a soap opera.

Not necessary. I feel you're trying to sum up up everyone who plays their new games into that creepy 40+ category but most of the people who played Mass Effect 3 were just regular gamers (well for the most part, you've got that creepy romance fan-base there too).
People play games for completely different reasons. People are also more or less into a game on that basis. You can be a casual fan of game stories in RPG and a strong fan of DND for example, like me.

And you can rent a game and give it a halfassed go or register on their forums and make fan fic and kiss up to gaider and hepler all day. I think that most people who consider themselves RPG fans who do play newer bioware games fall into the first category.

I don't think there's that many hard core fans of DA but that's EXACTLY what the hardcore fans are. That's why they like it. They give just enough skim of swords and sorcery to capture most of the old school crowd and almost all of the story crowd, then they spend the time doing elaborate fan service to other groups to rope them in.

Frankly I don't think fat housewives are ever going to play a real RPG they have no interest in that, they love their twilight nonsense, though. So they get a new market. They get a new market for perverts and pedos too in the same way, a huge market that they'd never otherwise get a portion of.

If you ever sit down in a marketing meeting that's exactly how it works, trying to get new markets. How do we get women to use our baseball bats? How do we get black people to drink wine? Of course usually I don't think they are going after the pedo market, bioware is really an innovator in that respect.

That's why people barely drink beer any more in the USA it's all least denominator crap. That's why sci fi is such crap now, too, and why books in general have had a giant drop in sales for decades. It's a race to the bottom chasing short term gain at the expense of long term sustainability, but the people doing it don't care; if games market is ruined they just move on to something else like shoes or fast food.

It's part of why games are crap now (why almost everything is more crap than it used to be) but not the whole story.
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