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August 14th, 2013, 16:38
Thanks for the review. We largely agree on this game.
I thought the Political issues were OK. Of course it's true that they were clearly taken from current news (Larian said as much in an interview) but that's where they take their punch from. Like political satire it's mostly hyperbole and fun, but still sometimes thought provoking.
And I guess that's probably exactly what an emperor would sometimes think: "You want me to decide on THAT? Get outta here!" Would have been nice to have that option of telling the politicians to sod off from a roleplaying perspective - with fitting negative consequences, of course
I do enjoy the RTS part myself, but it's hard to deny that it's not quite perfect. By the way, you actually can micromanage quite a lot in dragon form, including using unit abilities and even building units - but its pretty well hidden in hotkey functions.
I could imagine it being a lot more interesting in Multiplayer, when both sides have a dragon and a human mind behind them. I'm curious about D'artagnans impressions.
But yeah, the whole package is a whole lot of fun.
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