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August 14th, 2013, 17:41
Originally Posted by ManWhoJaped View Post
And you can rent a game and give it a halfassed go or register on their forums and make fan fic and kiss up to gaider and hepler all day. I think that most people who consider themselves RPG fans who do play newer bioware games fall into the first category.
If you're referring to SWTOR, DA2 and ME2 then yeah. In the case of Dragon Age: Origins though I just completed a seventh play-through a month ago. It's easier to find fans of Origins on other gaming forums asides from the official site and that's because it's a great game according to the majority.

I can only say I've ever really liked only Baldur's Gate, NWN and Dragon Age: Origins. Mass Effect 1 was meh. ME2 was good. ME3 was watered down. Jade Empire was horrible and I never even played the KoTOR series.
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