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August 14th, 2013, 17:48
IMO Bethesda should get Arkane Studios to do the combat in their games and then create something akin to Morrowind again (where your choices actually have long-term consequences). I will give Morrowind several things:

+The world felt dangerous.
+It felt very old school which I loved.
+The quest-lines were huge and complex.

I can imagine the next TES game being even more watered down to appeal to the casual RPG fanbase. It's getting tiring now seeing all this and the worst part is that because Skyrim has a big fan-base (even when you see lots of hate for it) and sold well, other RPG developers are using it as their basis for creating their games.

I hear a few developers using Witcher and Dark Souls as their basis which is what I prefer. RPG's can be both modern and have a level of complexity to them. When you achieve something yourself without having your hand held, then the achievement is all the more worth-while.
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